How to get your voiceover

1  - Get a quote

Please get in touch by email to discuss your project:, including your contact details, your script (or the total word count) and the following information so I can give you a bespoke quote: 

- The intended usage, i.e. all platforms where the audio will be heard (Internet, TV, radio etc)

- Deadline for the delivery of the audio (if applicable)

- The style and tone of voice you have in mind, and your target audience

- Other requirements such as timing to picture/lip-syncing, post production or mixing to music

2  - Confirm copy

Once you have agreed to the quote, please let me know by return email, which will serve as our contract. 

Please confirm that you have sent the final, approved version of your script, as any alterations after recording may incur an additional charge to those quoted (see below for Retakes policy). Also please specify how you want any brand names, technical terms, acronyms etc. pronounced. 

If the text has to be synchronised to a video, please see below for Tips for video producers.

3  - Recording  

Then I’ll start recording your script. If you would like to listen in and direct me during the session, you can do so from anywhere in the world via Skype or Source Connect Now (requires Google Chrome), that way you can make sure you get the results you envisaged. 

After recording and editing (cleaning up the audio, removing breaths etc.), you’ll receive a watermarked audio file for your approval.

4  - Invoice

When you have approved the audio, I’ll send you an invoice via Paypal which will make payment very easy. You don’t even need a Paypal account as Paypal allows you to pay by credit card as well. Payment can also be made by BACS/bank transfer, if preferred.

5  - Delivery

Once payment is received, your new audio will be delivered in the format you requested, usually via Dropbox, Hightail or email (for smaller files). 

Retakes policy

Retakes due to any mistakes on my part during recording will be free of charge, provided that clear instructions have been given before the recording. One retake session to adjust reading style or tone of voice, if required, is also included in the price. 

Retakes resulting from mistakes in the provided script and alterations or additions made to the script after the recording will incur an additional fee, depending on the work involved. Minor script revisions will usually be charged at 25-50% of the initial price, whereas substantial changes may be regarded as a new project and priced accordingly.

After final approval of audio, any script revisions will be regarded and billed as a new project.


Tips for video producers: Allow for language expansion in the German version of your video by leaving space

Text expansion happens when a language is translated from one language to another, and the new version is longer than the original. German versions tend to expand by up to +35% when translated from English and this can cause difficulty for the voice over as the dubbed version might not sound very natural. 

The most cost-effective solution to this problem is to create a longer version of the video by leaving enough space between sentences and sequences in the original so there will be enough space to fit longer voiceovers in the video timeline. Following these guidelines will produce the best possible results to get your message out to your clients and reach your target audience, whatever the language.